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 A pressbrake machine

How can you be sure of the best quality components for your purposes? The answer is of course to ensure that they are made of the correct materials for the job in hand. However, how often are suppliers going to have the exact component to fulfil your needs, which could be many and variable? Barrass has the perfect solution: by using our pressbrake technology, we are able to produce bespoke folded steel products to order.

How does it work?

 Sheet steel for pressbraking

Our technology is designed by market-leading pressbrake specialists Bystronic. Pressbrake technology allows us to bend, form and punch steel sheeting with precision and accuracy. The finished product will be to the exact dimensions you require and will be very strong – there will be no weak points caused by component joints. This in turn will improve performance and reduce ongoing costs.

A versatile and comprehensive range of flat metal sheets

 An industrial building

Our aim is to be able to manufacture exactly what you need, and we’re conscious that different requirements will not always be met by the same grade of steel. Just as there are numerous different products which can be made with pressbrake technology, there are lots of different materials which we can offer. At any one time we have some 8,000 steel sheets at our premises. All of the following materials are supplied.

  • 0.7mm Leathergrain Plastisol in 2.44m, 3m and 4m lengths
  • 0.5mm Leathergrain Plastisol in 2.44m and 3m lengths
  • 0.7mm Ultra Scintilla in 3m and 4m lengths
  • 0.7mm Prisma in 3m and 4m lengths
  • 0.55mm White Foodsafe Stelvatite in 2.44 and 3m lengths
  • 0.7mm Zintec in 2.44m, 3m and 4m lengths
  • 0.55mm Galvanised in 3m lengths
  • 0.7mm Galvanised in 3m and 4m lengths
  • 0.9mm Galvanised in 3m and 4m lengths
  • 1.2mm Galvanised in 3m and 4m lengths
  • 1.5mm Galvanised in 2.44, 3m and 4m lengths
  • 2mm Galvanised in 2.44m, 3m and 4m lengths
  • 3mm Galvanised in 3m and 3.5m lengths
  • 0.9mm Aluminium in 3m lengths
  • 1.2mm Aluminium in 3m lengths
  • 1.5mm Aluminium in 3m and 4m lengths
  • 2mm Aluminium in 3m and 4m lengths
  • 3mm Aluminium in 3m lengths
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